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Energy Electrical Integrators is working everyday looking for solutions that could help to maintain low cost investment and high reliability to our client needs.
A complete line of turbines, generator sets, customizable paralleling switchgear, automatic transfer switches, automation and control assuring the continuity of your electrical service.


Actually, there are many transformers manufacturers trying to provide transformer solutions, but few of them can do it bringing new technologies, reliability, high quality and respecting environmental standards.

Managing Change


Looking for a synergy among the companies part of the Group SEEI, in the management of change we must consider the following:


Be focus in your core business while we develop, design and install the solutions needed for your distribution network, commercial, Industrial or utility requirements. EEI Corp has designed mobile substations with clear advantages to your operation maintaining an extraordinary flexibility to make you comply with your client's needs.


“Your attitude can change in an instant, you just decide to change it. You do not need money, skills or expertise, either preparation or physical strength. No need of consent of anyone or help. It's free, simple and is done quickly. When you feel your attitude holding you, when you feel unhappy or when working against your own efforts, modify it. Note that a perspective positively add value to any situation, and at no cost. In fact, be positive generate positive things. From this you can clearly recognize an opportunity and find out how capitalize. You will get the support, respect and admiration of others. We discover specifying things, instead of just worrying about how things are.

Your attitude is one of the most powerful tools you have. You can control it and direct it, and can transform the world for you. You have nothing to lose by being positive right now, but everything to gain, no matter what is going on. Take a moment to inject a dose of winning attitude that will lead you directly to a firm and reality as winning as it."
Gabriel Sandler


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