Among the wide range of transformer manufacturers, very few of them bring new technology, reliability, high quality, and environmental solutions to your business. Energy Electrical Integrators is a representative of Industries IEM, one of the most prestigious manufacturing transformers in Mexico. Since 1992 IEM belongs to CARSO Group as part of the CONDUMEX Group..

Rating and Features

• IEM transformers are designed, manufactured, and tested according to ANSI/IEEE, NEMA and IEC standards
• They count with ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certification
• Shell and Large Core Type
• Power up to 1000 MVA
• Up to 750 KV
• Up to 1675 KVBIL
• Cooling System: OA, OA/FA, OA/FA/FA, OA/FA/FOA, FOA
• 50/60 HZ
• High Mechanical Strength
• Thermal Capacity
• Dielectric Capacity
• Quality Certification ISO 90000:2001, ISO 9001:2001
• Environmental Certification:  ISO 14001:2008

• Generator Transformers
• Auxiliary Transformers
• Star up Transformers
• Regulator Type Transformers
• Autotransformers
• Mobile Substations
• Substation Transformers
• Rectifier Type Transformers